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Since the over exhaustion demand on timber has caused the timber roof truss construction to grow scarce, steel truss is an excellent substitute and as the steel truss is a galvanized based material, it has demonstrated to be a very enduring protection. All of Bestweld Steel System products are cold-formed from either zinc/aluminium alloy or zinc coated steel to preserve the quality of the trusses. Bestweld Steel System manufactures a full range of steel roof truss systems which includes truss sections, roof batten and its accessories that meets all international standards. These reliable and high-quality roof trusses has been supplied to projects like schools and public buildings. Steel is a superior product for long term investment, with the added advantages of being light, strong, non-combustible, termite proof and will not shrink or wrap. Steel truss has the durability and structural integrity to easily outlive the life of your building.

Bestweld Truss

Structures. Its superiority stems from a strong, yet lightweight zinc coating, termite resistant, non-combustible steels that offers structural integrity and durability that will outlive your expectations and the lifespan of your building. Services include design, calculations, endorsements, supply and installation of steel roof trusses.